SiteLock with Bluehost FAQ And A BlueHost Coupon

SiteLock with Bluehost FAQ

When looking for a trustworthy webhosting company to host your online business or personal website, Bluehost is a leading webhost with over a decade track record of consistent and affordable webhosting.  SiteLock with Bluehost will grant you increased integrity and trustworthiness in the eyes of both potential and existing customers. And, there are tons of other world-class standard webhosting features you can enjoy on Bluehost platform, even if you only pay an insignificant portion of the total webhosting cost with Bluehost coupon code $3.95 per month. This post covers frequently asked question about SiteLock on Bluehost webhosting platform.

Q: What is Bluehost SiteLock?

The uses and benefits of the SiteLock tool best explains what this tool is;
•    Boost your reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers by verifying your address, email, phone and other credentials with the SiteLock tool.
•    Showcase the SiteLock certificate at a strategic point on your website and see your conversion rate soar. Additionally, this tool will reward you with instant credibility and trustworthiness before your existing and potential customers
•    Furthermore, BlueHost with SiteLock embarks on automatic scanning of your website in order to look out for blocking, spamming and similar issues on your site.

Q: What Additional Features Come with the SiteLock?

The additional features that accompany BlueHost with SiteLock at the basic level are;
•    Blacklist Monitoring: If you don’t want Google and other search engines to quarantine your website, the SiteLock tool will suit perfectly
•    Malware Monitoring: SiteLock embarks on daily website scanning, checking for possible malware that can obstruct visitors from accessing your website.
•    Business Verification: This tool will also help validate that your business truly exists when you integrate it onto your website.
•    Website Verification Certificate: when you showcase the SiteLock verification seal on your site, visitors will place trust on you, which in turn helps to grow your conversion rate.
•    Spam Monitoring: Rid your website of spam lists by integrating Bluehost with SiteLock onto your website

Q: Does the SiteLock Carry Out Vulnerability Scanning?

Sure! Bluehost with SiteLock undertakes series of vulnerability scanning, checking for weaknesses on your website by accomplishing the following;
•    App Scanning: All of the applications installed in your website will be scanned by SiteLock for any sign of vulnerability, even your WordPress and Flash apps.
•    XSS Scripting: This refers to cross-site attacks scanning, to ensure hackers are prevented from soliciting your customers with your own website

Q: How Can I Order SiteLock?

The best way to order SiteLock is through your Bluehost account, which in turn offers you 80% OFF SiteLock products’ retail cost.
If you do not yet have a Bluehost account, sign up right away and get 75% OFF the total webhosting purchase. You need a webhosting account before you can order the SiteLock tool. So, when you order the tool from Bluehost, you will only pay $19.99 for each domain yearly, instead of the original $99.95 price per domain yearly! The SiteLock Basic can be added to your order on Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting order forms. You can order the product on your existing hosting accounts or from your control panel.

To order SiteLock with Bluehost from your control panel account, here are the steps to follow;

Step 1: Log in to your control panel
Step 2: Locate the SiteLock icon found in the ‘Upgrades’ section and click on it
Step 3: If you are just getting started on Bluehost, you can choose the domain you are interested in protecting. Next, click on the “Add to Cart” icon.

Q: How Do I Install the SiteLock Trust Seal

The SiteLock installation is easy just like the installation of other third-party applications on Bluehost. Follow this step by step process to install Bluehost with SiteLock;
Step 1: Copy out the HTML code in the text box (the easiest way is to highlight and copy).
Step 2: Paste the copied code into your site’s code.
Note: The norm is to display the SiteLock certificate at the footer of your site. However, you can choose other spots to place it such as the header, as long as it will be visible to your site visitors. Subsequently, as visitors come to your site and see the SiteLock seal or certificate, their trust on your website will grow, whether existing or potential customers.

Enjoy Bluehost with SiteLock and all of the juicy webhosting offers on BlueHost even more affordably. Take advantage of the Bluehost discount coupon $3.95 per month and save 75%. The discount is only valid while this limited-time offer lasts.

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